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World Gymnastics Association x Meet Critique

Get real-time feedback from official Cash Cup judges on your WGA routines


meetcritique allows gymnasts to send routines to certified judges. These routines then get judged and the gymnast receives the video back with deductions displayed in real-time. This is combined with well-designed graphics allowing you to easily understand where your deductions are coming from!


meetcritique's new WGA feature allows you to submit your WGA routines and get real-time feedback from our official judges.

Watch this example video!


Use code "CASHCUP" when purchasing credits on meetcritiuqe for 25% off your first purchase

(This promo code can only be used if you plan on submitting WGA routines to be meetcritiqued)

Get Your WGA Routines meetcritiqued Now!

Need to Know...

How do I submit my WGA routine to get it meetcritiqued?

Simple! Go to and sign up for free. Next, purchase some credits. 1 credit = 1 routine you can get meetcritiqued. From there, click on your dashboard. Next, select "WGA Practice" or "WGA Cash Cup." Lastly, upload your routines and your done!

Can I submit practice WGA routines?

Yes! Submit both practice routines and Cash Cup routines. You will recieve the practice routines back within a few days. If you are planning on submitting the routine in a Cash Cup you will recieve it back after our competition broadcast

How do I recieve my routines back once they are meetcritiqued?

Once your meetcritique is done and ready to view, you will recieve an email with a link to the video

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